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Yamaha S3X Premium Grand Piano RRP $99,999

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Yamaha S3X

Yamaha S3X

The first piano in Yamaha's premium SX range, the S3X is a piano that truly outperforms its size and is an ideal choice for experienced players seeking a grand piano with superb dynamics and richness of tone, with a smaller footprint.

On this page you will find a demo video of the S3X, specially recorded in our showroom, and some more information regarding the features and constrtuction methods unique to the SX series.

SX Series Key Features

SX Series Key Features

The culmination of the vast knowledge garnered from their 120 years experience of piano manufacturing, the SX series pianos represent the pinnacle of what Yamaha have always strove to achieve - striking a perfectly harmonious balance between tradition and innovation in piano design and production.

This innovation comes in many forms, such as the redesigning of rims and hammers, but is undoubtedly most prominent and revolutionary in the development of the A.R.E (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) maturation process. This process is an ingenious combination of atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, which ages the timber at the cellular level, releasing a warmth and depth of tone in the piano that would normally take decades to develop.

For the SX series, Yamaha dedicated two and a half years to researching the ideal combination of woods for maximum resonance. The result is a combination of ash, hard maple and beech, combined in 12 veneers of wood at 4mm thick, as opposed to the conventional 16 veneers at 3mm thick. This means there is more wood and less glue, meaning the rim can resonate more freely and provide longer sustain to notes. This new design of rim is in no small part responsible for the SX pianos sounding larger than they are, as their resonance means the entirety of the piano is contributing to the projection of sound.

This philosophy is further implemented with a new design of back post assembly. Now with extra thickness, the back posts give the pianos the strong foundation from which they can project, and the seamless assembly with the rims allows for minimal use of glues, meaning the wood can resonate more freely.

After the long process of over 80 prototypes and the feedback of hundreds of performers, the resulting recipe of hammer felt for the SX series has a beautiful influence on the quality of sound from these pianos. On top of this, the very best technicians in the Yamaha factory spend ten times longer voicing the hammers and regulating the actions of the SX series than they do on the standard CX series, optimising the sound to their exact specifications and ensuring every piano is performing at its maximum capacity when delivered.