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Repairs and Services

We offer a variety of services to make your instrument sound and feel like new again. We most commonly accept acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars along with banjos, mandolins and ukuleles.

Our range of services are as follows:

Basic Service

  • General clean of the instrument
  • Replacement of strings on your instrument
  • String height adjustment
  • Adjust the truss rod to straighten the neck when applicable

Full Service

  • Oil and clean of the fretboard
  • Polish the frets
  • Replacement of strings on your instrument
  • Adjust the action of the strings to a comfortable height or as otherwise instructed
  • Adjust the truss rod to straighten the neck when applicable

Pickup Installations

  • Removing/Installing new pickups (whether bought through DW Music or provided by the customer)
  • Correcting/upgrading any wiring/parts as per the customers requirements
  • Re-soldering and wiring

  • Fixing crackling, unnatural, or no noise when plugged in to an amplifier
  • Upgrading potentiometers, capacitors, switches and wiring to get you your desired result
  • Everything from fixing a faulty output jack, to a full ground up rewire
  • Replacing parts on an instrument

  • Machine Heads
  • Pickguards
  • Strap Pins
  • Potentiometers, Capacitors, Switches and Knobs
  • Pricing

    Pricing varies depending on the service chosen. Feel free to call the store, use our contact form or send us an email for a quote.

    How long will it take?

    The general wait time for a service is from 4-7 days. Depending on the amount of bookings currently in queue, this time may vary. If parts need to be ordered for your instrument, this will further prolong the waiting time. You can however opt for ‘priority service’ at an additional cost. This means your instrument will jump to the front of the queue and be serviced at the next available time (Please be aware this does not necessarily mean it will be serviced on that day).

    Please note:

    Cracks, dents and structural damage

    If your instrument suffers these kinds of problems, we highly recommend contacting a professional luthier. We do not have the necessary equipment to repair these kinds of problems.

    Please understand we reserve the right to refuse servicing an instrument that has structural damage. If we deem the state of the instrument may affect our ability to service the instrument and potentially further accentuate the issue, we will recommend a professional luthier.

    Electronic repairs

    We do not do repairs for electronic equipment. For faulty amplifiers, speakers, pedals and other electronic devices, we are happy to recommend technicians who are better equipped to repair your product.