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Warranty Claims:

You are entitled to return an item under warranty for repair or replacement. Some warranty matters can be handled directly by DW Music and some cases will be referred to the Manufacturer.

In order to process your concerns as quickly as possible we request that you observe the following information:

  1. You should contact us as soon as you become aware of the fault. Send an email to outlining details of the issue, including photos, if applicable. Please include your details, contact numbers and invoice number of the purchase. Requests will not be taken over the phone.

  2. Prior to proceeding with a warranty repair, DW Music may request an inspection of the goods. Once the fault has been deemed to be a warranty issue, we will then advise as to the best course of action to have your item repaired or replaced.

  3. Freight costs associated with returning the item will be covered by DW Music in most cases, unless extenuating circumstances.

  4. All statutory and warranty time limitations apply in all cases.

  5. You will not be entitled to receive a replacement item or have your item repaired: if you purchased an item with defects after being made aware of such defects by staff; where you have used the item in a way not intended for its purpose; or, if you have damaged the item. if you have neglected the item Timber warping due to high levels of humidity are not covered by warranty. We recommend keeping your instruments in a humidity controlled environment. if your item has been stolen.

Due to the consumable nature of some parts, the following are not covered by warranty:

  • Guitar strings
  • Batteries
  • Valves
  • Fuses

Preowned Products:

DW Music staff do their best to provide clear details of all imperfections and alterations on preowned items in online listings. It is strongly advisable to take this information into account when purchasing a preowned item.

Providing the issue with the goods is not listed in the description therefore unaware at purchase, you are entitled to a refund after returning the item. Preowned products may no longer be covered under a manufacture warranty, however these products will be covered under limited warranty by DW Music for up to one year.


In accordance with Australian Consumer Law, DW Music does not provide a refund for ‘change of mind’ request for a return of purchases. Therefore, you are advised to choose your goods carefully.

When purchasing online from DW Music you are protected by the same Consumer Protection Laws that you would receive if you had purchased the item in our store. In the event of a valid claim, for example, unmerchantable goods, or not fit for their stated purpose, we will strive to address your concerns as promptly as possible.

We encourage you to contact us with any concerns you may have. If you have a query as to a specific item's warranty period or need advice regarding repairs, please email us. Whether under warranty or even outside of the stated period, we will do our best to assist.

For more information about our returns and repairs, please visit our Refund Policy page.