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Lay-by & Special Orders

Lay-By Terms and Conditions:

A minimum deposit of $100 or 20% of the total of the lay-by, whichever is greater. 

Your lay-by is to be finalised by the due date, unless alternative arrangements are made with management in advance. 

If you cancel this lay-by, all monies paid will be refundable, minus a handling fee of 10% of the lay-by value to cover store costs and administrative costs. 

If you do not make payments when they are due or the lay-by is uncollected, we will cancel the lay-by and retain an amount of 10% of the lay-by value to cover store costs and administrative costs. 

Refunds for lay-by deposit or payments will be refunded by bank transfer only. Customers will be required to provide details of their bank account. Alternatively, amounts can be transferred to store credit for the customer’s future use. 

Photo ID must be produced if you request a replacement lay-by document, cancel this lay-by, or when you finalise and collect this lay-by where no document can be produced. 

Individual items may not be separated from a lay-by. 

Information collected from this transaction will be used for the purpose of processing your lay-by and may also be provided to Australia Post for the purpose of forwarding reminder letters to you. 

Layby Due Dates: 

Where the value of the goods is less than $2,000 the expiry period is three months from the date of the lay-by. 

Where the value of the goods is over $2,000 the expiry date is four months from the date of the lay-by. 

Any extensions need to be negotiated with management prior to the initial due date. 

Special Order Terms & Conditions: 

Items below the value of $100 require payment in full prior to the order being commenced. 

Items above the value of $100 require a minimum deposit of 20% of the sale price prior to the order being commenced. 

Upon the arrival of the item at DW Music, any remaining balance is to be paid before or upon collection of the item(s). 

If you choose to cancel the special order after commencement, DW Music will retain a handling fee of 10% of the item value. 

All special order items are subject to the discretion of DW Music with regards to cancellation. If an item is deemed unsaleable as general shop stock, this will be made clear by staff members prior to commencement of the order. 

In this event, the item will be ordered with the agreement and understanding that it is to be paid for and collected by the customer upon arrival, with no option for cancellation. 

Customers are to note that whilst DW Music can provide updates on the ETA of any item, both prior to and after ordering, we cannot control the speed at which goods arrive

In the event that the arrival of your order is delayed, this is due entirely to suppliers and/or shipping companies. Please be mindful that these factors are out of DW Music's control. However, DW Music is happy to and able to provide updates at the customer's behest.