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Yamaha C7X Grand Piano RRP $86,999

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Yamaha C7X

Yamaha C7X

The top of the range of the CX series pianos, the C7X is the only option for those seeking the best performance of piano possible. The responsive action and tonal range of this model brings it so close to that of a concert grand, at a fraction of the price.

On this page you will find a demo video of the C7X, specially recorded in our showroom, and some more information regarding the features and characteristics unique to the CX series.

CX Series Key Features

CX Series Key Features

A truly premium range of pianos from Yamaha, the CX series draws great influence from the design of Yamaha’s flagship CFX concert grand, combining the finest Japanese piano craftsmanship with the highest quality of materials sourced from around the world, to produce pianos of superior quality and exceptional refined performance.

Available in a great range of sizes and design, from the 161cm baby grand C1X to the 227cm C7X, the CX series offers pianos to suit any environment or purpose, from home practice pianos through to pianos capable of filling large concert halls.

A refinement on the classic “yamaha sound”, the CX series maintains the clarity for which Yamaha is famous, while gifting the performer with even more tonal colours with which to play, from warm and delicate pianissimo to bright and vibrant fortissimo.

The fluidity and responsiveness of the Yamaha action is a guarantee on which they have built their reputation, and the CX series delivers on this promise and more. Based heavily on the design of the CFX hammer, the recipe of hammer felt contributes greatly to the versatile tonal colours found in each piano, while the uniquely shaped hammer shank allows for flexing in the timber, causing the hammer to whip when playing with fortissimo, giving extra bite to the sound, most prominent in the bass.

At the heart of every Yamaha piano is the solid spruce wood soundboard, the timber for which is carefully source from all over the world by Yamaha’s four “timber scouts” - individuals whose sole task is to locate and acquire only the best quality of spruce wood fit for their pianos. Every soundboard for the CX series is laser cut to the most accurate of measurements to perfectly fit the subtle uniqueness of each piano rim, and with the ingenious method of attaching the ribs, is given a prominent curvature to achieve the maximum projection and dynamic range possible from each size of piano.

The newly designed piano wire specifically for the CX series gives great purity to the sound while producing complex overtones across the entire register, adding to the overall immersive experience.

Yamaha consistently produces the most popular ranges of grand pianos in the world because of their extraordinary versatility of sound, making them the most present piano across all genres. They are the piano of choice for the world’s most prestigious Jazz venue (including Ronnie Scott’s and the Blue Note) and consistently selected by leading classical performers.