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EarthQuaker Devices Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine Effects Pedal

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Ledges is a compact, three-mode reverb with the ability to save and recall six presets and user-assignable expression control with loads of customizable options. If you’re looking for that classic, standard reverb tone from the players and songs you love, then this is your pedal. If you want to push the limits and take it further to sonic reaches that only you can uncover, then this is also your pedal. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted and needed out of a reverb.


The three switchable reverb modes offer a unique blend of reverb, but connect on a spectrum. Room's (R) longest setting is Hall's (H) shortest setting, and Hall's longest setting is Plate’s (P) shortest. And Plate’s longest setting? Well, it just keeps on going.


The Room setting starts as a small, boxy room sound that gets bigger as you turn it up. The Hall's settings morph can boom and echo with distant, Cathedral-style reflections. Plate's settings can achieve bouncy reflections that recycle and reverberate forever.


Ledges can go from an ‘80s slapback reverb mix to a bigger room spring reverb with the twist of the dials. The Mix knob lets you control your signal balance. The Length knob controls the size of the reverb. The Damping knob mutes high-frequency reflections, which you can hear by adjusting your gain.


There are also six presets available to save your favourite sounds. Select a number with the Preset knob and press the centre Save button to save your current settings. Press Recall on the same button will bring up your presets with a single tap. You can assign an expression pedal any of the three controls and save it as part of a preset.


  • Three-mode reverb with six recall presets and user-assignable expression control
  • Mix, Length, and Damping knobs dial in the sound in each of the 3 modes
  • Mode R: The Room setting starts as a small, boxy room sound that gets bigger as you turn it up
  • Mode H: The Hall setting becomes big, boomy, and echoey with distant reflections
  • Mode P: The Plate setting creates bouncy reflections that recycle and reverberate forever
  • User-assignable expression control
  • Buffered bypass with tails
  • Silent relay-based switching with Flexi-Switch Technology

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