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Holiday Season Shipping Updates
Holiday Season Shipping Updates

Digital Pianos

At DW Music we believe that anyone who is serious about learning the piano, but does not have the space or budget for an acoustic, should look towards the ever improving world of digital pianos.

With the full range of 88 keys, and weighted keys, digital pianos are the best products at emulating the touch and sound of a real piano, whilst simultaneously offering the pianist a host of other features to expand their musicianship and creativity - such as numerous instrument sounds, backing rhythms, accompaniments, recording and playback, and many other features that can open up innumerable creative doors.

With many of these instruments also offering midi outputs and line in/out, they can be used to great effect in any performance and studio environments, making them so much more than a home use practice piano.

Throughout our range of digital pianos from Yamaha and Casio you are guaranteed to find an instrument that will match your musicianship and budget, whether you are looking for an entry level piano to begin learning, or a high end instrument of supreme quality to take your piano playing and musicianship to the next level.