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What is Dampp-Chaser?

What is Dampp-Chaser?

Purchasing a piano is a very special experience, the creation of a legacy and a unique and important investment - one that should be protected and made to last a lifetime. Like all things made out of natural parts however, and particularly many wooden components, pianos can be vulnerable to the elements, and while many piano manufacturers season their woods for specific countries' climates (with Yamaha doing a particularly fine job of this) even the finest pianos can struggle in the highly varied climates of Australia. 

Extremities or recurring fluctuations in humidity can cause serious issues in a piano, such as cracks in the soundboard and ribs, rusting and snapping of strings, or loose tuning pins and failed pinblocks. Dampp-Chaser PLSS is a revolutionary yet simple product, designed to prevent such damages occurring by maintaining a consistent level of humidity inside the piano (upright or grand).

In addition to providing an efficient and cost effective preventative solution to such long term problems, by stabilising humidity Dampp-Chaser also produces benefits that are easily discernible during your everyday playing, such as significantly improved tuning stability, reduced key bushing and centre pin problems, and all round better and more consistent motion in the piano’s action.

The effectiveness of Dampp-Chaser on achieving all of the above claims is undisputed in the industry, being overwhelmingly endorsed by the most prominent piano manufacturers, technicians, retailers and customers alike, and with product variations designed to combat climates with fluctuating humidity and climates with consistently high or low levels of humidity, we can easily advise products which will be most effective for the climate where you are living.

If you are interested in installing Dampp-Chaser into your prized instrument, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for more information or speak to your regular local piano technician. We provide access to all of the necessary online training modules to ensure that your technician is well equipped to install Dampp-Chaser effectively, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your piano is well protected from the elements, ensuring its longevity and a lifetime of music.